Daphné Mallet – Founder

Daphne Mallet - Jiali Gallery founder

From 2005 to 2010 I worked for Cheng Xindong, who is known for having opened one of China’s first contemporary art galleries in the Dashanzi artists’ village on the edge of Beijing. Alongside Cheng, I supported some of the biggest names in Chinese art. Having accompanied these Chinese artists on their path to international recognition, I now want to spread the word about the new generation. These younger artists have a different relationship to their history and the West. They are less constrained by ‘Chinese characteristics’ and more open to dialogue with artists from other cultural backgrounds. This is where my idea for mixed exhibitions in an intimate setting “my home” comes from, a chamber bringing together art lovers, new works and living artists.

Jiali Gallery wants to find a new way to show off Chinese contemporary art, which is no longer confined to the periphery or reserved for big collectors. Instead its place is in the heart of the city and its aim is to engage people’s curiosity and shake up their worldview.

Jiali Gallery

“Jiali” meaning “at home” in chinese is a contemporary art gallery founded in Beijing by Daphne Mallet that exposes young artists, both Chinese and international, in a private home. This setting allows the visitor to contemplate the artists’ work in a more intimate fashion and fosters a convivial atmosphere between artists and art lovers. Situated in the hutongs, Jiali brings art into the heart of the city and closer to its people. It is the first gallery of this kind in Beijing.