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La Fête de la Musique: Kamila Nasr and Pierre Brahin Concert 21.06.2013 at 7:30pm!

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Kamila Nasr and Pierre Brahin are a Beijing based duo, who perform a wide range  of styles of music. Their show is powerful, eclectic, and energetic… exploring and mixing some Iranian and Afghan popular and folk songs accompanied by Flamenco  rhythms.

Kamila is an Afghan/Canadian singer and composer who is accomplished in a variety of styles and repertoire. She has been performing her music throughout the Americas, Asia, and France.  In the early 2000’s she developed a passion for Brazilian music and in 2005 moved to Brazil to perform and further her studies. In 2007 Kamila moved to Beijing where she became the lead singer for the Samba band “Sambasia” and quickly got involved in the local Jazz scene. Kamila created a bossa nova band (“Girassol”) and a jazz band (“Lullaby Fire”) with whom she regularly performed in venues throughout Beijing, including The Lan Club, Star Live, Mao Live, OT Lounge, and many music festivals and venues across China.

Pierre Brahin started studying piano and guitar at classical music school in France at the age of 7. In the 90’s he studied Jazz with the guitarist of the French National Jazz Orchestra, Gérard Pansanel, and flamenco with virtuoso guitarist Christophe Lopez. During the 90’s he plays jazz and experimental rock in the south of France. After coming to China in 2000 Pierre Brahin focuses more on Jazz and Flamenco. In Beijing, besides performing his compositions with the “Pierre Brahin trio B”, he released his first CD “How long has this been going on?” with Wang Yunyi (王韵壹), delivering his version of popular Chinese Pop Songs. At the same time, he played on Zuxiao Zuzhou (左小祖咒) latest album “ Qu Naizi fang ”, he also composes music for and play with singer Zhang Chu (张楚). Finally Pierre Brahin also plays Free Jazz with saxophonist Li Tieqiao(李铁桥).

Websites : www.myspace.com/pierrebrahin www.kamila.ca

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