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“Infinite Entropy” Zhang Jun ling solo exhibition as part of Independent Art Spaces 2015

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Independent Art Spaces 2015

(28. – 30.8.2015 with a closing conference on the 31.8.)

Participating spaces: 301, Aiyo Space, Aotu Studio, Arc Space, B Space, Banshisu, Blackbridge, I: project space, Institute for Provocation, J Space, Jiali Gallery, Lab 47, Leyuqiao, Muye, ON SPACE, One Unit Gallery, Social Sensibility at Bernard Controls,

Independent and alternative art spaces all over the city will be presenting for the first time the festival Independent Art Spaces 2015 in order to launch a platform for the diffusion and exchange of experimental and innovative approaches for the production, dissemination, presentation and exhibition of contemporary art in Beijing.

Beijing has one of the most vibrant and active art scenes in the world. In city awash in an inexhaustible array of exhibition openings and events, 2014 made evident a growing network of new and alternative art platforms in all sorts of environments, from the small alleyways in the cityʼs hutongs, to programs in artistʼs studios, to exhibitions in rooms and spaces in residential buildings in different parts of the city.

Characterized by strong conceptual approaches, open dialog and by incorporating parts of the city in which art could flourish away from the predetermined art zones, these spaces have merged into a network of dynamic art exchanges making new contributions to the progress of the discourses of contemporary art in China.

With a variety of programs mirroring the broad spectrum of Beijingʼs new wave of independent and alternative spaces, for the first Independent Art Spaces, galleries, exhibition studios, and art spaces all over the city will jointly open their doors to the public with exhibitions, performances, concerts, screenings, lectures, book releases and more. Independent Art Spaces 2015 will take place from August 28 until August 30 in several venues across the city.

A map of Independent Art Spaces and the website Beijing Contemporary will be published on the occasion of the collective event. The Map and Website will offer to the public an overview on the projects and spaces part of Independent Art Spaces 2015 in all parts of the City.

For the closing conference to be held on August 31 a group of similar projects from around the world would be invited to discuss models, programs, concepts and possibilities of contemporary independent and alternative art spaces.

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